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Bakers Studio is a team of experienced practitioners who serve businesses across the spectrum of industry and segment, to achieve our clients’ strategic goals; pragmatically, sustainably, and profitably.

Whether B2B, B2C, DTC or something in between, we utilize a process of systematic listening, observation, analysis, and strategic consultation, to identify creative ways to address market opportunities that are impactful, measurable, and efficient.

Above all, we are adaptive. We offer flexible ways to engage with the Studio, providing innovative and actionable ways to achieve your goals.


You are Here

You are a business owner or executive with an awesome company but now you’re facing a challenge. 


Maybe it's that… 

  • Growth has stalled 

  • Operations is struggling to keep up 

  • New products and ideas have taken a backseat 

  • You are ready to prepare for an exit 

We Can Help

Bakers Studio -- a team of seasoned executives with extensive experience and expertise in operations, finance, executive coaching, strategic planning, performance enhancement, change management, marketing, and more -- are committed to helping your business beyond its current plateau towards long-term sustainable growth. 

We want to eliminate barriers that may keep a business from accessing resources they need and deserve. For that reason, we offer both For-Fee & For-Equity terms of engagement.

Our Adaptive

Bakers Studio offers anything but a “one size fits all” solution. We meet you where you are at to create a pathway for your success. Together we choose the people, projects, and pay model that fits your business.

You may leverage a fee-based project model, alongside a fractional C-suite executive, and executive coaching all at the same time. The engagement opportunities are limitless.

Elevated to New Heights

Take the First Step Today

Our comprehensive, dynamic approach allows your business to focus resources where and how they’re needed. So, whether growth has stalled or you’re looking to maintain momentum, Bakers Studio wants to be your partner. 

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