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Bryan Yoffe

Bryan Yoffe is far more than a distinguished CPA.  He is a consummate financial strategist, and facilitator of growth, leveraging his more than 25 years of experience in the areas of finance, healthcare, and technology. His career reflects professional rigor and an unwavering commitment to financial and operational excellence from large corporate institutions to grass roots, entrepreneurial enterprises. 

 Over the past 10 years, Bryan has demonstrated an extraordinary aptitude for driving growth by navigating pivotal C-level roles, collaborating with disparate executive teams and orchestrating business transformations that have accelerated operational and fiscal performance above target levels. His results driven approach, combined with his professional skills and financial acumen are the basis of a sterling track record of driving sustainable growth. 

 In addition to his many hands-on leadership roles, Bryan has emerged as a sought-after expert in his field, leading to a focus on consulting with rapidly growing enterprises, empowering them to design and implement robust operational and fiscal processes and frameworks that enable them to achieve their business goals. Specifically, as an innovative and experienced guide, Bryan's insights have catalyzed rapid acceleration for startup businesses, positioning them to surpass expectations in today’s dynamic, competitive business environment. 

 Bryan's impact on the healthcare and long-term care sectors are clear demonstrations of his transformative capabilities. His tenure as Vice President of Operations and Finance at the International Center for Long Term Care Innovation solid evidence of his collaborative and visionary support for the entrepreneurial sector. He was able to lend his strategic guidance to fast-track product development and establish operational efficiency within the highly nuanced segment of the aging care industry. By analyzing and diagnosing a broad range of start-up ventures, Bryan conceived of and implemented a series of holistic business models that drove their financial success. In addition, Bryan was the CFO of a nurse practitioner business, overseeing a network spanning six states and encompassing over 30 providers and was the VP of Business Services and Controller for a well-known industry leader.  

A Short Resume

A Short Resume


  • Certified Public Accountant

  • Predictive Index®


  • Finance

  • Operations


  • University of Alabama - Bachelors of Science (BS), Accounting

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